Press Release

CURV—the queer way to connect

Meet CURV, the first LGBTQAI+ dating & social app in the Philippines

CURV is here, it’s queer, and it’s down for whatever.

Pride isn’t the only opportunity for the LGBTQAI+ community to come together in the Philippines. Accessible to Apple and Android users, CURV is the first inclusive social and dating app that offers a platform for queer Filipinos to connect.

Whether it’s to make friends or make romantic sparks fly, CURV welcomes all sorts of fun and flirtation—minus the discrimination, of course.

CURV values connection, community, and equality.

Consider this app a sharp turn away from the culture of discrimination on other queer social apps. Users are urged to build a culture of respect, to meet people beyond their part of the rainbow, and hey, maybe even welcome more diversity in the people they date.

#BendConventions with CURV

CURV is into openness and turned off by narrow-mindedness.

Kicking its first Pride Month off, the app launches #BendConventions - a campaign to create a fresh environment of respect among the LGBTQAI+ community in the Philippines.

Through a photo campaign, a few members of the LGBTQAI+ community interpret the slogan “Bend Conventions,” depicting the diversity of queer love and representation. From PR maven and trans activist Janlee Dungca to drag superstar Luka, our subjects remind us that there’s nothing to lose when we swerve from stereotypes and kick discrimination to the curb.

As more inclusive images of the LGBTQAI+ community are necessary in the Philippines, these photos will be exhibited in a most visible and celebratory manner: across the walls of thriving neighborhood Poblacion. Following its launch, #BendConventions encourages the public to post how they bend conventions via social media, all to continue spreading queer comfort beyond Pride Month.